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About Me

It’s funny how sometimes other people see something in you that you have no idea is even there. Someone saw in me a hidden talent, an eye for creating great moments, and a passion for capturing amazing life lasting images… and I never even dreamed it was possible !


Many Years ago I was working in the printing industry running a printing press…..

I had a 35mm film camera and liked to photograph cars. One of the guys I worked with asked me to photograph his daughter’s wedding. Of course I said NO !!!

Are you kidding? Really? I knew nothing about wedding photography and had no interest in screwing up some girl’s wedding pictures. For two months he kept asking me and bugging me until I finally said OK, but only if she approves, and there is NO Guarantee whatsoever that this is going to turn out. Well I don’t know about you, but that would be a “red flag” and your response should be RUN !!

Well, I shot that first wedding over 18 years ago and amazed them, and quite honestly, myself too…

I remember being so scared I could hardly hold onto the camera LOL !!

Next thing I knew I was getting calls from her friends, and here we are… hundreds of weddings later, many awards, and a rapidly growing and well established Commercial, Corporate, and Event Photography business… I’m having a great time creating images and making the experience for clients better than they ever imagined.

Outside of Photography I have two great kids… my daughter Taylor just got married on June 7th 2014, Yah :):) Good for you Taylor !! And  Mitch who is an amazing guitar player ! I love to watch him and am officially his groupie LOL !  He plays at Church regularily as well as a couple of local blues venues. It’s like living with Eric Clapton or Stevie Rae Vaughan haha I LOVE it ! I am so proud of My kids !

I LOVE to vacation, go to the beach, Mexico, California, and travel in general. I am so blessed with many  friends in so  many awesome places and it always gives me an excuse to visit haha ! I also am a car buff and love muscle cars and exotic cars, ya Harley’s too icon smile About Me Music is a big part of my life and I enjoy a very wide range of music, I always try to catch live acts. Fitness for me is a LIFESTYLE and not an idea…I work out literally every day and feel like I am 20, energy to burn I tell ya, only my birth certificate would indicate otherwise LOL ! I absolutely LOVE LIFE, love to laugh, and believe that all things work together for good !

Photography Accomplishments include being a finalist for Canada’s Top Professional Portrait Photographer of The Year in both 2014 and 2012. As well as Best Wedding Group Excellence Award in Canada for 2014

Other awards include
Saskatchewan’s 2010 Professional Photographer Of The Year

2014 Best Wedding Group Portrait in Canada-PPOC



2013 Best Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan

2012 Finalist for PPOC Canada’s Photographer Of The Year

2011 Best Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan

2011 Best Photojournalistic Wedding – PPOC Saskatchewan

2010 Best Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan
- PPOC National MERIT
2010 Best Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan
2010 Best Wedding Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan
2009 Best Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan
2009 Best Wedding Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan
2008 Best Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan
- PPOC National MERIT
2007 Best Wedding Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan
2007 Best Photojournalistic Wedding – PPOC Saskatchewan
2006 Best Wedding Group Portrait – PPOC Saskatchewan

There is nothing better than bringing out the best in people through an awesome creative ability that God has gifted me with !

Grant Romancia,  MPA  Master of Photographic Arts PPOC Canada